Saturday, June 7, 2008

I've been tagged!

Wow, I have been tagged by a few Bloggers, well more than a few!


These gals are very talented and I enjoy visiting their blogs, so thanks ladies for thinking of me and visiting my little corner of cyber space!!
So tag and I am it! To play I should answer a few questions:

What was I doing ten years ago?

I was just a couple weeks away from getting married to the Love of my life! I can hardly believe 10 years have gone by already, I love him even more today!!

Five things on my to do list for today:

Clean up the house
Take some photos and play with new camera for online class
Winger project for Paper Wings "One Year Birthday"!!
Buy ribbon on sale for class next weekend
Have fun with my kiddos

Snacks I enjoy:

It really depends on the day, but I would have to say
good and plenty candies
corn chips and salsa
chex mix
vanilla malts
at least that's what I would pick today

Things I would do if I were a Millionaire:

I have a great life, so I am not sure things would change all that much, but it would be nice to...
Put more away for my kiddos, collage, life, etc.
Get a new truck or boat for my husband
Build a craft room, so all my stuff wouldn't be spread around the house all the time.
Help our families if they needed it

Places I have lived:


I hope that it is alright that I don't tag anyone today, I will think about it a bit and tag a few Bloggers later! Hope that you are having a wonderful day!!

9 comments: said...

It's nice to learn about people when they get tagged. I never have time to actually complete the task! said...

It's always so fun to learn about fellow angel crafting bloggers...whew. Kudos for actually having the time to finish it, I never do!

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Thanks for tagging me!!! It's been fun to read your answers!


Aimee said...

Hi! Nice to learn a little bit more about you! have a great day!

West Coast Scrapper said...

Hi Angie, what kind of camera did you get? what's the online class? I'm shopping for a new digi SLR camera and don't know which one to get. I'm going to the photography retreat put on by CK in August...can't wait...get to meet famous people and learn how to take pictures.

Miss you! Good luck with your class on's fabulous!!!

Ginger - Angel 1427 said...

Nice to get to know you better. Thanks for sharing!

Diana said...

So glad to know more about you!! can't wait to see what are you working with!!


Sheila said...

great answers! finland huh?! who'd have guessed???

craftyscot said...

nice to read some facts about you

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